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I had the missfortune to go to this clinic in Hawthorne for cleaning and to have one crown to be replaced, they said in the process that i needed two,offering asistance with cero interes on 670 dollars of my pocket plus whatever the charged my insurance,which was requested before any work was to be done,i paid the 670 dollars that i though was my part,or that is what they said, my insurance paid the agreed remaining of the bill, to my surprise a bill came several months later saying that i owe a balance of 112 dollars when I asked why I owed that money they said that it was OK that they were to make the adjustments, but that they are allowed to make those adjustments only once a month, they made a photocopy so the adjustment were to be applied and that will be it. now they send me another bill threaten me to take my account to a collection agency.

and they want me to pay 134 dollars for unpaid bill.

they never have a clear response when asked to be specific on the charges, so please be carefull when visiting the BRIGHT NOW Clinic in Hawthorne. I am still to fight these charges that I know are inappropriate

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