Johns Creek, Georgia
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I walked into the office with my son and no one behind the desk said a word to me the entire time I was in the office!! Not a hello or any other type of acknowledgement.

My famil and I have been coming here for many years! At least 10!! I recently had 3 crowns put it which was a complete nightmare. The temps fell out numerous times causing me to miss work and spend an excessive amount of money.

I’m at the office with my son now and being asked what kind of antibiotic they should put him on yet he doesn’t have an infection. So why are you putting my son on an antibiotic? Dentist: because he’s in pain?? Do these people go to school??

I have three very questionable ladies back here that don’t seem to know what the *** they are doing or why they are doing it. I will be in touch with corporate again and will be taking my son to another dentist from here on out. This place leaves me speechless!!!

They do not plan to fix the temporary but are prescribing him an antibiotic and there is no infection. I will contact the state surgeon general

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OMG I have to agree with this post. I have had the worse experience about the crowns falling out etc.

It's a nightmare not to mention they are they are wolfs when it comes to billing.

I am looking for another dentist now. Will not be going back at all.