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Hi, My name is Frank Cockrell and I have a malpractice lawsuit filed against the captioned corporations who change their name frequently for whatever reasons I am sure you can guess. My dental office was called Palmdale Dental, located in Palmdale, California.

I NEED THE NAME OF A GOOD LAWYER TO TAKE OVER MY CASE which was transferred to the Lancaster court from downtown Los Angeles where I originally filed the case. I went to them for a simple upper denture reline & some other minor work. The dentist who was born & trained in the middle east, messed it up and when the fixture was crooked, ground down too much. That required them to replace it at no cost.

Instead of a dentist to do the making from start to finish they had a dental lab owner(also born in the middle east) do everything, which is a felony in California. The end result was the dislodging of my remaining lower teeth. Now I have a complete lower denture and can't eat most things. Stay away from these people.

It is a money mill so they can pay their CEO over a half million dollars per year.

You may call me at 310-910-6534 if you have similar problems or can recommend a good lawyer to take over the case. thank you

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Hello my name is Mike and I just read your letter, I too have a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against a company called Bright Now Dental and I would recommend to you my lawyer Kimberly Burke. You can call me at 909-917-1651


what happened to u?we need to get a site so we can put a stop to dentists getting a slap on the hand.my life is ruined,i cry daily,and they protect these dentists.the honest dentists need to start opening up and stop defending dentists that they know did wrong.been over a yr. of *** with this dentist,but had to stay because insurance only pays 1 for 7 yrs.

for dentures that i need,since they took out my teeth w/out saveing my teeth i know could be saved.i feel so disceived!gd.

luck w/ur case. :cry

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