Unprofessional, incompetent, money-grubbing. Had toothache, went to Bright Now dental at 2490 Sycamore in Simi Valley CA.

Told I needed 2 molar crowns. Asked about the toothache? Told I needed 2 molar crowns. Toothache?

2 molar crowns. $800 later...... still had toothache. Went back to Bright Now complaining of toothache, toothache and of course I still had toothache.

Dentist larocco couldn't find what was wrong. 3 times "dentist" larocco sent me away, insisting I was imagining the pain. Finally in frustration and pain and after an argument with Bright Now's dental office manager, Dannie, decided to seek help elsewhere, anywhere. Dr.

Amir Fesharaki came highly recommended and is located in San Fernando Valley. Oh what a relief! The Doctor patiently listened to me and in 15 minutes (that’s 900 seconds versus 3 weeks for the other team) found the cause of my toothache. 2 hours later I left Dr Fesharaki's office, pain free for the first time in 22 days.

Preparing for battle I had to return to the grind house, aka "dim now dental" for final fitting of permanent crowns. When "dim dental" found out what I had done to resolve my toothache they wanted to send me to their endodontist. Why? To find and fix what had already been fixed?

Oh! And they would need to charge, ANOTHER, several hundred $$$$. Slow I may be, but completely ***? I refused!

Surprise, surprise, another argument ensued.

The front office staff is very nice to kids and old people, but if you want competent dentistry, hmmmm, might want to consider giving this one a miss? Your choice of course.

Review about: Bright Now Dental Dental Service.

Monetary Loss: $976.

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